can't go, how to get refund for badge or carryover
Posted by zenmazster

I took a test today and have covid, and can no longer attend, is there a way to roll over the badge to next year?  I tried calling customer service and said 'we're not monitoring calls, we're all at gencon'.  hoping to do this before it's too late.


Posted by austicke

Official answer: No.

Unofficial answer: Email customer service and ask for an exception. They certainly don't want you showing up with COVID. I wouldn't expect a response until after the con though. They're kind of busy.

Posted by cyanngaramonde

I am in the same boat, I tested positive last night.  I was able to unravel hotel and parking with no issues and full refunds.  GENCON is the only question mark.  I see thier policy, but sent them a request and hoping for the best.

Posted by angel17

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