Badge Kiosk locations
Posted by genconmc451

I'm doing a last minute one-day trip on Sunday. Had planned to order online, then WillCall line. 
Saw Gencon instead suggests purchasing badges that day, on-site, at a badge kiosk. 

Been a few years since I've been. ARE THERE multiple Badge Kiosks scattered around the Con? I think last time I was there, there were secondary sites where one could get tickets/info, but nothing re badges. 

If there are to be Badge kiosks, does anybody know where they will be?

Posted by mikeboozer

There is only one place to buy badges. At the Customer Service kiosk down from Will Call.

You can buy event tickets there as well. wo other locations for tickets. Hall C and Lucas Oil stadium

Posted by genconmc451

Thanks for the clarification. I knew things had changed, but apparently not that much. 
Think I'll probably buy online the day before and hope Will Call line moves smoothly. 

Posted by angel17

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