Costume Contest?
Posted by castigere

Hi All --

So I saw that there are tickets available for attending the Costume Contest, but I don't see any info on the contest itself (registration, categories, etc).  Can anyone point me in that direction, or has it been canceled this year?  (or maybe the info just hasn't been posted yet?)



Posted by austicke

I haven't seen it posted yet.

Posted by robbinjr

Also looking for this information on how to enter. everything I am finding is archived from years past. 

Posted by castigere

Ping for visibility.  Any updates?  

Posted by rosalind730

Haven’t seen a thing yet.  I hope they post something soon. 

Posted by chaleise

I saw something on the FB page saying registration would be on site day of this year. In the past the competition filled to max, so I am not sure how that will work, first in line get it? I've always submitted my music, instructions, and details ahead of time. If we have any music to go with our costume, will we just have to bring via flash drive day of? I have an email to gencon support asking, but haven't heard anything and I sent a few weeks ago. 

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