No BGG?!?!?!
Posted by opus69

Looking at the exhibitor list, I was floored when I didn't see BoardGameGeek.  They are an iconic pillar of the gaming community.  I always stop in at their booth for bling and promos.
How is it that they've been overlooked?

Posted by colbrook

The list isn't finalised yet iello and CMON just got added yesterday and they're not small fry. They might still be finalising logistics. 

Posted by brumcg

FWIW, I asked in the BGG forums.  No response.  If I get one, I'll report back here.

Posted by zaphod

BGG is going to have the hot games room this year, so they will have a presence at the convention.

Posted by mardigrasmorgan

I hope they bring upgraded bits with them. I'm looking to buy some stuff!

Posted by dbs

They posted in their July Store Update what they will be selling at the Meeple Source booth.

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