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Posted by dpuck1998

So I got a GM badge after I had purchased my 4 day, so they refunded my 4 day.  Please tell me this didn't happen, when it was refunded my room is now not showing up under my housing.  Did I just lose my downtown room due to this?

Posted by llenlleawg

You should be fine. Check out this thread:

Posted by dpuck1998

Thanks for the link!  I feel much better, my head almost exploded.

Posted by mikeboozer

Room assignments are not canceled when a badge is refunded.

They are independent of your badge and do not automatically cancel. 

They will no longer appear on your "My Housing" page but they are still intact.
You have your housing receipt that was sent to you and you can call Q-Rooms (Our housing partner) to confirm.


Posted by dpuck1998

Just in case anyone else see this, I reached out to support via email and they were able to assign it to another one of my badges quickly.  So I'm able to manage it since I have 4 tickets total.  Thanks for all the help.

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