Wristband acquired
Posted by rogersba

I used my larger nail clippers.

Posted by raptorov

Mine is still on.
I am afraid if I remove it, that means Gen Con is officially over.

Posted by quarex

Same, my 6-year-old asked when I was going to take it off and I said I was daring any environmental hazards in my life to do it for me.

Posted by connieyoung

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Posted by quarex

Still going.  Got it caught on a door last week and thought that was definitely going to be the end, but it survived seemingly unscathed. 

Posted by lore seeker

I cut mine off when I got back. It was surprisingly difficult - even my scissors had trouble (the band slipped between the blades instead of being cut in half by them).

Posted by colbrook

The latch on mine failed while I was in the Exhibit hall on the Sunday and it fell off by itself, thankfully a fellow con-goer spotted it happening and returned it to me, but I attached it to my badge for the rest of the day. 

Posted by quarex

Yeah I know someone whose wrist is too large for the wristband and he said nobody ever even asked to see it, but he had it stuffed inside his badge holder just in case.  I would have definitely wrapped mine around the lanyard chain for the cool visual if I had been him, haha.

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