Posted by geezer

My family starts looking forward to the next Gen Con on Monday after the previous Gen Con.  It is the highlight of our year.  I would love it if Gen Con LLC started the countdown for the next year immediately after Gen Con ends.  It would alleviate Gen Con Blues and give us something to look forward to.  Game On! doesn't quite do it.  Who is with me?

Posted by lore seeker

They've probably got a bunch of other things to do before getting to that part (setting up the new Gen Con's forums, at the very least). Plus they need time to decompress after the con.

Posted by quarex

I can appreciate that perspective, though for me it starts to feel like Gen-Con Season again once they finally do update the page, which would not quite be the same if they had it correctly set for the next year immediately.  They would also have to know the next year's visual design already to do that, which would mean they already had to have the program guide cover art commissioned in all likelihood, adding yet another thing to the huge pre-Gen-Con pile. 

Posted by geezer

Thank you for the countdown.  This helps our anticipation.  Thank you for all you do.  14 or so people who work full time all year to give us 4 days of joy.  We appreciate you.

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