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Am I just blind and not seeing the MTG events, or are they not listed yet?

Posted by toxic_rat

Pastimes (the group that does MtG) is always late on their submissions.

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I thought so, thanks!

Posted by llenlleawg

Any updates from Pastimes re: MtG at GenCon this year?

Posted by audioslave

They haven't said anything about specific event listings yet, but they are linked to being the organizer for all Magic events at GenCon. 

Posted by colbrook

They posted on Facebook a couple days ago that they're still waiting on final approval from WotC

Posted by polski2020

This wait period is so annoying considering MTG is HUGE and there's, like, thousands+ of us wanting to play and fit it within our gaming schedules BEFORE Gen Con actually starts.
WOTC or Pasttimes - hey, let's be considerate of the players, shall we?

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colbrook wrote:
They posted on Facebook a couple days ago that they're still waiting on final approval from WotC

From WotC or GenCon?

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mpagnotta310 wrote:
colbrook wrote:
They posted on Facebook a couple days ago that they're still waiting on final approval from WotC

From WotC or GenCon?
WotC, my understanding is that as they're official events they need WotC approval before they can submit to Gen Con, who then push them through quickly. This is why they're always late being added. 

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I feel sorry for Magic players.  Its just over a month and a half to Gen Con and Pastimes still don't have their events up.  I don't believe that they are waiting for WOTC to give final approval.  My thoughts are that these events should have been approved months ago and Pastimes just can't get organized enough to get the events approved timely.  I played in Magic events at Gen Con up to last year, I've stopped playing Magic now,  and its the same excuses from Pastimes.  I think its time to find another group to run Magic events.

Posted by armadilloal

I have no reason not to take the statement at face value - Wizards of the Coast isn't the most reliable sponsor when it comes to live events at the best of times.

That said, I always seem to try at least one booster draft at Gen Con every year, and it's always the worst part of my Gen Con experience.  I hope I'll be able to break that streak this year.

Posted by qwaserity

Maybe we need to run some of the smaller Magic events to take some of the pressure off of Pasttime. As far as I know, there is nothing to keep anyone from running Magic events and if you can get them on the schedule before the go live date, all the better.

P.S. Pasttime games was looking to hire someone to help with event management. The pay was up to $40k a year and you had to relocate to Chicago. Other than the massive paycut and relocation, I was looking at the possibilties...


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I'm not sure when the events will be live, but Pastimes says the schedule will be available on their website within a day or two.

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Events are live.

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austicke wrote:
Events are live.
Too late, my dance card is full.

Okay, sarcasm aside, I'd love to play a commander booster draft at GenCon but I do a lot of different things and the schedule fills up quickly with various games. I left a six hour hole on my spreadsheet (don't laugh, you do it too...) but then tickets opened up to a game and an escape room that I wanted.

What I loved about last year is that I paid $28 for a booster draft, pulled several wanted rares, traded after the game, gave away the rest of my cards and walked away with $80 of D&D books.

I'll recommend Pasttime consider running some events in the open gaming area Wednesday night but I'm showing my family around the con/area as it's their first year at GenCon.

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