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Posted by sargen2011

So my question is about the event ages. I have a 9 and 8 year old. we currently play dnd with them. but my oldest is getting into other games like warhammer 40k. Now most of the events say 13 years and older. Are the event ages a suggestion or do you have to be 13+ to register for those events? I know that they would have to have a badge if they wanted to do any events. But can i get my kids badges and do an event like true dungeon with them?


Posted by noone

On the games I usually run its not an issue.  On board games if they can understand the rules no problem and rpgs same.  The only 2 games I run that are a hard 13+ is the Prussian Kriegsspiel ( you have to write orders for sub units) and Empire of the Petal Throne/Tekumel due to the nudity in the rule books.

Also all events have the gms email.  Just send an email and ask.

Posted by rebekahcato

Ok, thanks for the info. I really appreciate you for helping me out. I love to play games with my kids and I don't want to give them a study burden on their shoulders. I am actually searching for a site online where I can get more info on PapersOwl.com review and when I was searching for it online, I found your post. After reading your post, I mailed them and waiting for their reply. I hope I will get a reply from them soon.

Posted by brumcg noone

noone wrote:Also all events have the gms email.  Just send an email and ask.
I would definitely do this if you have anything outside the requirements or any concerns.

I've played in "all ages" events that... weren't.

Posted by bigfathairyguy

So having taken my kids forever it is more a suggestion. My kids have never been turned away. But I will say if you are signing up your kids and they are younger than the age posted you need to make sure your kids being there aren't ruining the event someone else is paying money to participate in. Also they need to be able to play the event independent of your being there. Basically you shouldn't be coaching them.

Easiest example on the first point is True Dungeon. It is labeled age 13+ and your kids should really be 13+ to do it since everyone in that room is paying $88 to do it. While your 8 year is likely capable to slide a puck at the target. They won't necessarily get out of the way, focus on the task at hand or not muck up other's experience in some way. You will have 8 other angry people in the room with you. I have seen this multiple times.

You may be alright in Warhammer provided your kid is independent enough with others. Since most warhammer is tournaments and they are going to potentially get paired up with a stranger and the stranger doesn't want to be babysitting your kid. They need to be fine without you by their side.

All that being said I have signed up daughter up for a ton of board games at Gencon and never had a problem. But I knew she wouldn't take away from anyone else because she plays fast, plays independently and has no problem understanding rules. So she was always like any other adult they might play against. 

Posted by ladye

The ages are mostly a guidance. The proviso to that is if an event is 18 and over, there is likely a REALLY GOOD reason. They are likely to have themes that are not appropriate for children.

Posted by aceorton

Just once did I have an under-13 child turned away from a 13+ event. It was a knife-fighting class, and it had to do with legal liability, as laid out in the waiver. (She was two months from turning 13 at the time.)

Other than that, I've taken both of my kids to 13+ game and crafting events, including True Dungeon, when they were 10-12 with zero issues, complaints or sideways looks. Some of the craft teachers are visibly happy that younger ones are there wanting to learn. Same with many of the D&D tables and TD. Really depends, as others have said, on whether the kids will be able to keep up, carry their weight as participants and not be disruptive. As the parent, it's your job to make sure they're appropriately prepped for whatever the event will require of them.


Posted by raptorov

One time our group played True Dungeon when a couple basically dropped off their two 8-10 year old kids and said "Have fun" and left. It was not fun babysitting two kids during TD.
After that we always bought a whole run.

Posted by brumcg ladye

ladye wrote:The ages are mostly a guidance. 
Eh.  There aren't that many of them (five total).  It should be a better indicator than it likely is.  I feel that way about all of the details on the event.  I don't like it when eight people are allowed to play a four person event, you want to extend the four hour event at the table, or you are disappointed that I don't know the rules for the "experience require = none" game.  All things that have happened to me.

I really don't think anyone should be sending their 8-year old to a 13+ event without clearing it with the Host/GM (and perhaps the other players) first.

The reverse is true too...  If you have an All Ages event and young kids show up, make sure you adjust the event for them if needed.

Lol.  Maybe I'm just too "get off my lawn."  I'm old.

Posted by selene314

As I recall there is a limited set of ages for the host to choose between, with nothing between 6+ and 13+. So a game that requires reading and/or has some violence ends up in the 13+ category, even though it would be fine for most 10-year-olds.

If it's a board game that your kid plays all the time, then they can probably keep up with the adults just fine. But if it's an RPG with unknown content then you really need to check with the GM. A drinking scene, a romance, etc. can become inappropriate when one of the players is a child.

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