As an EO I would like to say that I was also afraid when we got put into LOS last year. I talked with Derek and worked with him on all aspects that we could. Once the con was over last year and I expressed my concerns of it feeling like we where lighter on walk ups since being moved onto LOS he worked with me and showed me the data of our generics for each year and moving actually doubled our generics along with us still getting regular ticketed players. We have also experienced no shows on events that sold out. We also got people that where running about 10 -15 minutes late. That can be solved a little by not starting your event like we do until about 10 - 15 minutes into the hour. We will start the setup and go over some things with who is there but not actually start the event until about that time. 

So my suggestion for anyone out there is yes voice your concerns. Don't get mad about things that happen that only hurts you more and that comes from experience in running as an EO for 14 years now. Then once things are over talk with Derek to see how things actually went and work with him to make things better.