Contracted Demo Space?
Posted by myzzrym

Hello there,

After looking around for a bit I'm at a slight loss as to how to request a Contracted Demo Space:
- Submit An Event does not have the option for a Contracted Event Space
- Special Request Form also doesn't have an option
- Digging through this forum I found an answer from 3 years ago telling the person to send the request by mail directly

I've already submitted an Event Request & Special Request Form through the website, should I still send a mail to [email protected] with all the information?

I want to avoid spamming the Event Managers who're likely already fairly busy with all the requests coming through, but I also want to make sure the request doesn't end up forgotten somewhere because I didn't use the right channels / forms^^'

Posted by roderick

Go ahead and email Events. That's one of the things they are there for. 

Roderick Robertson
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