Is there Gen Con Online 2021?
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Sorry if this is answered elsewhere and I overlooked it. Is Gen Con organizing or promoting online games for 2021 in addition to onsite games?

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Yes, there will be Gen Con Online in 2021, along with Pop-Up Gen Con and the (reduced capacity) in person Gen Con in Indy. Here's the announcement:

Today, we’re announcing that we are postponing Gen Con 2021 as originally planned for August 5-8 in Indianapolis and announcing plans for a hybrid slate of concurrent in-person and online experiences, including the rescheduled Indy convention, this September 16-19, 2021. We believe this is the best approach both to meet the many challenges of the moment and to explore possibilities for the future.By offering a flexible range of opportunities to participate, we hope to safely include the largest number of people in the Gen Con experience this year and adapt to conditions as they are in September: in-person at Gen Con in Indianapolis with capped attendance and a modified format, from home through Gen Con Online events and livestreaming, and at local game stores through Pop-Up Gen Con retail activations.

Registration for Gen Con Online (and Pop-Up) won't be until June 27th.

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How do we create events for Gen Con Online?

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wyverngaming wrote:
How do we create events for Gen Con Online?

No idea but the best way to find out is probably just emailing them directly: [email protected]

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Hi all!

Event submission is not yet open for Gen Con Online; we're focused on event submission for Gen Con in person right now.  You'll want to make sure you're signed up for the EO/GM Newsletter so you'll get an announcement of when event submission for Gen Con Online goes live.

Marian McBrine
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

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