Booth Designer?
Posted by jenoct

Hi all, does anyone have any recommendations for a booth designer (individual or company). Many thanks!

Posted by toxic_rat

Do you mean like the backdrop or mural?  The graphic designers we have at work might do freelance.  They have designed several of our booths for trade shows.

Posted by harryroquel

Do you still in need of a booth designer, I have a friend that specializes in this, I recommend his team, just provide some details. Thanks. Cabinets Hawaii

Posted by davidson02

There are lots of freelance graphic designers that you can hire for a specific project like booth designer. 

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Posted by cm22

It all depends on where in the world you live. For example, here's a great resource if you live in California:

It also depends on what kind of booth you need and what budget you have. So I guess your question should include where and what. Because if you need a booth for a medieval sword games then my recommendation would be different if you needed a sci fi booth with lots of lasers and sci fi stuff. But then again a good artist is able to compensate even if your project is new to them.

So maybe if you haven't' found the optimal booth designer yet you might want to make your question more specific. 

Posted by soulmate19

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