Oooops- Im a Dummy
Posted by e4mafia

So I just realized that I didn't turn in my event tickets. Is there an address to which I can send them?

Posted by deltafox65

I am in the same boat, but my tickets were all for games I ran for free on Wednesday night.  Does this affect me in anyway or just a tracking mechanism for GENCON on future events that are ran Wednesday.  Also curious will this be held against me for future games that may be ran during regular convention hours.

Posted by bluemax

Yes, they need to be sent to gen Con, the address is in the Event Host Policy, they use that data to base space for future years

Posted by e4mafia

I looked in there and didn't find it - see my previous post about being a dummy. Can someone post it here?

Posted by watchdog

Page Seven of the EHP:

Gen Con Offices
ATTN: Events
120 Lakeside Avenue, STE 100
Seattle, WA 98122

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