Unsubmitted Event tickets
Posted by dpontier

After a great Gen Con, I got home and found an envelope full of tickets for one of the events I ran that I forgot to turn in.  Is there an address I can send these tickets to?

Posted by roderick

Per the Event Host Policy:

"Tickets must be turned into GM HQ by 5 pm on Sunday at the convention. If you cannot meet this deadline, mail the correctly filled out event ticket envelopes containing the tickets so that they arrive at the Gen Con offices within 2 weeks after the convention."

Gen Con offices are:
Gen Con LLC
230 Auburn Way, Ste 1B #120
Auburn, WA 98002-5451 

Posted by maosnaroaan

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Posted by arle1972

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Posted by helenbb

Just guessing, but the post above mine feels like a bot.

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