Imminent Event Catalog Release
Posted by sysop073

With the event catalog coming out in a week, should I be concerned that my events are still "submitted for review"? I thought they'd be approved/rejected before now (I submitted them during the early submission window), but this is the first year I've run events, so possibly this is normal

Posted by sabel

I would also like to know the answer to this question, the events my group submitted have been wait for some time now, any news will be welcome.

Posted by kat.lauderbaugh

Marian McBride replied to a Facebook question that I posed about GMs being notified and she said that some will know before the preliminary list is released on the 6th. She said that she can't guarantee that all the events will be placed by that point. I haven't heard anything back about my games, either, and they were submitted during Early Registration.

*fingers crossed*

Posted by marimaccadmin

That's me.  I know that almost all non game events are approved.  I know that the game events are being gone through as we speak.  I can't give anyone a specific time as to when their events might be placed and made active, though I know the goal is for as many as possible to be completed by Friday at noon.

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