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Can a local tell us what is going on with I-65 downtown? I drive through Indy several times a year and the I-65/I-70 has been advertised in road signs as "Avoid at all costs!"

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Its a major interstate in the midwest, and this is what every conversation with the DOT sounds like when asking about what is happening/when.

DOT: Now. You're looking at now, sir. Everything that happens now, is happening now.
Citizens: What happened to then?
DOT: We passed then.
Citizens: When?
DOT: Just now. We're at now now.
Citizens: Go back to then.
DOT: When?
Citizens: Now.
DOT: Now?
Citizens: Now.
DOT: I can't.
Citizens: Why?
DOT: We missed it.
Citizens: When?
DOT: Just now.
Citizens: When will then be now?
DOT: Soon.
Citizens: How soon?

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I-65 merges with I-70 in downtown Indy, and they merge for a couple miles before separating again.  The merged section is getting rebuilt, including a bunch of new bridges. 

If you're coming from the north or west the construction won't have much effect, except for a lot more traffic on the surface streets, particularly semi trucks.  If you're coming from the east or south, you'll have to exit sooner, and travel further on surface streets.  And deal with a lot of traffic on the streets than normal, of course.



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Not a local, but I also go through - and to - Indianapolis several times a year. Far less so with COVID, but I still do it. So I keep track.

I think all that advice is about the I-65/I-70 split construction:

  • https://www.indystar.com/story/news/local/transportation/2021/07/01/downtown-indianapolis-road-construction-maze-when-end/7770685002/
  • https://www.indystar.com/story/news/local/transportation/2021/09/17/indianapolis-traffic-road-construction-i-70-i-65-north-split-project-questions-answered-indot/8335678002/
  • https://northsplit.com/maps/

Like tdb said above: I-65 and I-70 share some miles through Indianapolis. Indiana's DOT is rebuilding a really complicated interchange in the northeast side of Indianapolis (the third link's map shows that area clearly). It's a multi-year project to rebuild and simplify the interchange and reduce the number of accidents from people having to cross all lanes to make their exits. 

The Indiana DOT site has a pretty awesome, albeit potentially confusing interactive map:

  • https://511in.org/@-86.18695,39.76757,13?show=incidents,construction

... and it's kept reasonably well up-to-date. 

At any rate, there's some construction on a very highly travelled section of the interstate, and it affects a ton of traffic. It's probably no more construction in terms of miles of asphalt or number of projects than normal, it just happens to affect one of the most highly traveled sections. So it's a big deal. And people rightly advise travellers to avoid if they're not headed for downtown Indy. 

Once it's done, things will calm down again. But for now, it's an issue. As you can see on that "northsplit.com" map linked above, the goal is to have it done by Nov. 2022. So yes, we Gen Con goers are probably going to be affected. And yeah, I'm a bit cynical about it meeting that deadline. But who knows? 

Anyway, the Indianapolis newspaper, the TV station sites, and the Indiana DOT site are good resources for how to deal with the construction. 

Hope this helps. 


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