Westin Renovation Done?
Posted by talgian

Stayed at the Westin last year as it was undergoing renovation. Does anyone know if it is/will be completed by GenCon this year?
Will they be bringing back the lounge for Marriott elites?


Posted by agent_duchovny

I almost booked the Westin last year, but chickened out due to the renovations. Was it disruptive at all?

Posted by talgian

It was very manageable. The biggest issue was they had fewer working elevators, but since there were fewer guests it worked out fine.

Posted by traveller

Odds are good they will be done by GC, if not already.

Posted by brooks

When I was checking out of the Westin after Gen Con the clerk said they were supposed to be finished in November. Even if it runs quite a bit overschedule, I would think they'll be done well before the convention this year. 

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