No hotel email but charge shows.
Posted by jimrules27

No email confirming my stay when the switch happened but I can see my one night charge and my reservation on my Hilton app. Not super concerned that I'll lose my room but seemed odd.  This is at the Embassy.  Anyone else have this too?

Posted by austicke

From my experience, most hotels do not send a confirmation when they receive the reservation. Hyatt certainly doesn't.

Posted by david campbell

I'm at the Embassy; no email confirmation but the charge went through and I can see the reservation on the Hilton Honors website. Every year I was at the Westin, I got an email. As above; it's gonna vary.

Just call the hotel, that's your best bet.

Posted by jimrules27

No worries thanks for the replies, seems all good.

Posted by jimdigris

I'm staying with Hilton.  It correctly shows my reservation on the app, and the app even said they sent an email, but they didn't.

Posted by del_grande

I had the reverse experience - I got my reservation confirmation from the Hilton, and it appears on the Hilton Honors app, but I didn't see any deposit charged on any of my credit cards. (Just to be safe, I just added a credit card to the app.)

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