Possible bot posting
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Lilycollins has made two posts that seem odd, one here in tech support, and one in travel and housing.  Might be worth checking out.  Thanks!

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[This post has been removed]

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Posted by qwaserity

And now one titled "expert assistance". Please remove.

Posted by armored badger

You can add "Law Assignment Help" to the list as well, under Events 2024

Posted by brooks

And pretty close to the entire genconhotels.com thread. 

Posted by tdb


Note the link in the quote.

Posted by kbeal2k

It's a bot uprising! 

A nonsense reply here from careyparisian with a spam link-


Posted by quarex

I mean the second post in this thread is a bot post with a Spam link and still not deleted, we do not have to go far to find one

Posted by eirajeremy kbeal2k

It seems like Lily Collins has made two unusual posts, one in tech support and one in travel and housing. It might be worth investigating. Thank you!

Posted by mariahcarey tdb

[This post has been removed]

Posted by njseahawksfan

Here's several more

allen martin - link to leather jacket website in thread about GenCon app improvments

terzofocovariation - has a post with a header this obviously spam

thomasfrank - link to gambling site in thread about selling MTG cards

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