Who is going to GENCON 2016
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Posted by bct

Who is going in 2016 and what event are you most interested in?

First Post to new system, yea me.

Posted by marimaccadmin

Me, of course. :)

-Forum Moderator

Posted by donaldbain

I hope to, but I'm not certain.

Posted by dukejohn

My family and I are going.


Posted by derekguder

Me, though I figure that's a given.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by sherilyn

John and I will be there assuming I still exist.  :)

Posted by alli - formerly minami

99% sure I am not going to make it in 2016. Unless I win the lottery I can't afford to take my daughter 3100+ miles across the country for college in August and still make it to Indy. Hoping to be back in 2017 though!

Posted by hawkeye

that all depends. I am currently looking for a new job, and I hope they will give me the time off.

Posted by braelun

Me. Looking forward to seeing how much it will cost me.

Posted by darkmoonpegasus

Me!  It's my favorite vacation.   

Posted by glory


Posted by lore seeker

Wouldn't miss it for anything!

Posted by winterborne

I will be there without a doubt! 

Posted by sherilyn braelun

braelun wrote:
Me. Looking forward to seeing how much it will cost me.

Yes, that is an interesting question. It also depends on being able to get a room. Not looking forward to that part. 

Posted by spicer


Posted by punkrocksonja

Planning on it.

Posted by mightyllamas


Posted by david campbell

Me. Iron GM is my can't miss; followed closely by my weekend Werewolf ribbon!

Posted by jsfetzik

Spunky Kiki and I plan to be there.

Posted by shibas

I'm back, not sure what event I'm most interested in though this year.

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