Gen Con 2016 Math Trade
Posted by qwaserity

Just FYI for fellow attendees, the Math Trade listing has opened up on the boardgamegeek website:

Questions? Yes, I know you will have some...

Posted by cinnibar

Yeah, be aware between the new BGG infrastructure and other items, large trades through the OLWLG have had some issues synching for the want submission window opening..  Still the best math trade front-end I know, but the last two large trades have only worked once the owner of OLWLG has done things as an admin.

Go to it, friends, but be aware there may be a delay in the wants submission window opening.

Posted by piouscat

Sorry new here. What is a math trade?

Posted by jmiller1138 piouscat

piouscat wrote:
Sorry new here. What is a math trade?

check out this post:

Posted by brotherbock piouscat

piouscat wrote:
Sorry new here. What is a math trade?

Think of ten people, all with a single game to trade. But I will only trade my game for one of four of those other games. You'll trade your game for one of seven of them. Someone else only wants one of the other games in trade.  Etc. The best way to go is try to maximize the number of games that get traded, and/or the number of people who get to trade. 

A math trade is a massive game trade. All the games for trade are listed. For every game you are offering up, you indicate which other games you would be willing to give it away in return for. 

Then an algorithm determines how many possible trades can be made from everyone's wish lists. You only have to give your game away if you are going to get one of the games you indicated in return. But you may not be giving your game to the same person, because maybe you wanted Bill's game, and Bill wanted Joe's game, and Joe wanted your game, so the system determined a three way trade. 

That's a math trade. List what you want to trade away. List what you'd like to get back from the available games. Wait and see what you get :) They're fun. 

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