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Posted by jimtullis

I was disappointed this year because I did not get the GenCon Coin.

Last Year, the OffWorld location in the Wabash West corridor had a 2016 GenCon Coin.
It was silvery and about the size of a challenge coin.

This year when I went to that location on Thursday I was told that another vendor had gotten the contract this year.
I had seen a mention of the coin I the con book but immediately forgot it because I thought I new where to go.
After that I didn't have time to track down the vendor who had the coins.

Can someone please tell me what vendor had the GenCon 50 Coins?
Also, does anyone know yet who will have the contract for next year?

Thank You

Posted by austicke jimtullis

jimtullis wrote:Can someone please tell me what vendor had the GenCon 50 Coins? 

Games & Gears. Beautiful coins. See here.

Alec Usticke, Unofficial Gen Con Indy Facebook Discussion Group

Posted by jimtullis


Not sure why GenCon couldn't have let OffWorld sell some less collectable coins as well.
The Games and Gears coins are nice, but as numbered collectables limited to 300 sets they seem less accessible.

Oh well.

Posted by icespark

I made this mistake as well.  Went to OffWorld and purchased a coin.  Didn't realize until later that night that it was a 2016 (which I already had).  Had to look in the program to figure out where this year's was.

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