Gen Con Rear Guard
Posted by kmlorenz

I probably wont get there til a bit later, around 5ish. But if this is going into the evening, count me in.

Posted by aaronmlopez

We are planning on going as long as we can... I know I am getting up early on Monday to head back home (10hr drive), so I won't be up much past 10pm... But others may be able to stay longer.

Posted by virtualwizard tcinternet

tcinternet wrote:
OK! I've got a reservation for a 3rd floor Meeting Room starting at 3:30... I just need to know approximately how many people to reserve for, and we'll have the room number.

Excellent, thank you very much. As aaronmlopez said, probably figure on 10-20 with 10 the most likely. I'll try to be there by 3:30-4pm and should be there for sometime (my plane leaves in the morning).

Posted by boc_mage

Have to see if i can make it. My roommates stay till Monday, our rear guard tradition is less gaming and more finding a bar where we relax and actually talk to see who did what during con as we actually don't talk or see each other during con. 

Posted by quarex

Forward Guard?  Anything besides the vague (but useful!) "go to Scotty's on Tuesday?"  :)  I will just be wandering Indianapolis looking at nerdy locales and eating (nerdy?) food Monday-Wednesday otherwise.

Posted by a dark rider on a pale ... unicorn? quarex

quarex wrote:
Forward Guard?  Anything besides the vague (but useful!) "go to Scotty's on Tuesday?"  :)  I will just be wandering Indianapolis looking at nerdy locales and eating (nerdy?) food Monday-Wednesday otherwise.

Whoever gets into town first could fire up a Forward Guard thread, maybe?
Something to act as a catch-all for "I'm horribly jet-lagged and eating Steak & Shake at 3am; Is there anybody out there?" messages.

Posted by aaronmlopez

So... As it stands right now... The 2017 Meeting of the Gen Con Rear Guard will be held at the JW Marriott on Sunday, Aug 20 from 3:30pm until ???

The meeting room number will be provided later by tcinternet (A big thank you for reserving this for us!). 

Stay tuned to this thread for updates.

Also, if you are planning on bringing any games, go ahead and list them here so peeps can get an idea of what we will have available.

Also list your interests so if anyone owns any of the stuff, we can bring it with us. 

I am more of an RPG player, but I do like a lot of board games as well. Here are some games I would like to play but haven't had the chance (apart from what I am playing at the Con this year)

Below are some of the things I own that I either have not played but would like to play, or just don't play enough that I don't mind bringing along with me. For RPGs, If I need to bring character sheets/pre-gens I will be able to with enough notice. 

Role Playing Games:
Baker Street: Roleplaying in the World of Sherlock Holmes
Hood: Swashbuckling Adventures in Sherwood Forest
Firefly/Serenity RPG
7th Sea (2nd Edition) RPG
Clockwork and Chivalry RPG
Decipher Inc. Lord of the Rings RPG
Munchkin RPG

Board games:
Bring out Yer Dead (I own it... but the rules don't make any sense to me)
Doomtown Reloaded (Base set plus two expansions)
Doomtown: Battle of Slaughter Gulch
Firefly Board Game (Base set only)
Legendary: Marvel (A ton of expansions)
Legendary Encounters: Firefly
Tide of Iron
Sheriff of Nottingham
Smallworld (Base set only)

I will give fair warning. I do not intend to bring everything above. Just throwing some ideas out there for some of my collection that is not being used frequently enough.

Posted by jlawry86

I'm part of a handheld video game meet-up group, so I'll try to see if I can get some of them to join the party. 

Would anybody else be interested in Legendary Marvel or Firefly? I've been itching to learn Legendary for a few years now and I'd definitely be down to play it if anyone else wants to.

I'll be traveling extremely light this year so the only thing I plan on having with me is my Nintendo Switch...if anyone is interested in playing it (I'll have Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2 and a few other games along with it).

Posted by divachelle

Would anyone be interested in playing Formula D if we brought it? It plays up to 10 or 12, I think.

Posted by aaronmlopez

I'd be interested in playing Formula D, Divachelle! I'll go ahead an plan on bringing Legendary: Marvel with me as well.

Any other suggestions? I'm pretty much open to anything.

Posted by loon

I love Legendary (and pretty much any deckbuilder). If we're done with breaking down our booth, I'll be there.

Posted by tcinternet

I've confirmed that it will be Room 312 at the JW, though we may not have it ready til 4:30! Just wanted to give an update, I'll keep you all posted. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Posted by aaronmlopez

Thanks for the update, tcinternet! I updated the original post to include the room and time. (Left 3:30pm as start time just in case)

Posted by leswhittaker

See you nerds there.

Posted by virtualwizard

Thank you tcinternet.

Boardgames I'm bringing:

Lords of Waterdeep

I'd bring more, but heavy luggage and airlines don't mix well ;)

@arronmlopez, I'd be interested in Legendary: Marvel, Sheriff of Nottingham, and Firefly BG.

@divachelle, Formula D sounds like fun. I'm up for it.

As far as RPGs, I'm willing to run.  Though arronmlopez's list looks great, I've never run/played any of those games. By the end of the Con, my mental state will be looking for something easy to run like Star Wars D6, simple version of D&D, or Savage Worlds. If at least three people post they want to play by this Saturday the 12th, I'll prepare a game for them and anyone else who wants to join.

Posted by aaronmlopez

Okay... so based on feedback so far, I will be bringing Legendary: Marvel, Sheriff of Nottingham, Firefly BG. I'll leave the RPGs at home. I am also hoping Mindworm Games will join us and run his Exiles game with us. But he may already be booked up. 

Posted by tyrodboshi

Just read this, as I've been hanging with Alec over on the FB website lately..
love to be part if the Rear Guard..

I'm more of a RPG person as well, and Sherlock Holmes id love to try!!!

See you guys soon!

Posted by aaronmlopez

I can bring Baker Street then... I have some promo stuff from Fearlight games including some pre-generated characters that I will bring along. I will plan on running one of the introductory adventures then!

Posted by psimon

I'll be there, looking forward. I'll be mostly looking to hang out, share stories about the con, and just have a good time getting to know genCon-ers. I might not be looking to play anything but I'm down for being social. 

Also, now looking for Forward Guard posts...

Posted by a dark rider on a pale ... unicorn? psimon

psimon wrote:
Also, now looking for Forward Guard posts...

Well, since you mentioned it, ...

Got in at 1am (the train got stuck behind a freight train, so we crawled through most of Indiana)

For anyone staying at the JW, they're currently doing some construction in the restaurant where breakfast happens, so there's been some reorganization, and a bunch of table space ... isn't. 
They might be in the finishing up stage, so maybe they'll have the space back before the Hungry Nerdy Hoarde descends upon them.
Yep, just overhead someone say that they're finishing the floor today.

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