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Here it is on the map.

​​​​​​​Alec Usticke, Fans of Gen Con Facebook Group

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Does the Auction take Comic Books?  I've got some that I'm considering putting up - very early Spawn, original Infinity War, etc.

Seems like it could fall under "TOVA – Toys, Oddities, Video & Art"...

Anyone had any good experiences with comics in the auction?

Posted by jerrytel

TOVA definitely for comic books. We get comics all the time, just realize you more than likely will not get ‘market’ value.

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Yeah, and some of it depends on fate; if you are the only person putting in comic books for the auction this year, then they could easily get a good price even if you put them in individually.  If you and a dozen other people happen to randomly decide to sell their comic books this year, they might end up in what is colloquially called a "choice table" where we put everything in one area and raise the bidding until someone wins, and then that person gets to take as many things as they want each at that price, and it continues.

Though in all fairness I have also seen some things sell that way that might not have sold otherwise, so it is still a good idea to put them in.  You just might want to put things in bundles unless they are very valuable on their own.

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Thanks all for the replies!  The auction has always been my favorite Gen Con event, a great time with great people.  Processes aside, its the auctioneers that make it really fun.  I go to sell, buy, hear a few jokes, and to hear some of the history behind vintage items.  Six days and counting!

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About comics:  It is hit or miss, mostly misses.  My favorite quote from a Gen Con auctioneer interrupted the bidding briefly when he said "Wow, I'm amazed there are actually two people in the world who want this game; even more amazed that we have both of them in the room!"

  If there is only one person in the room raising their bidder card, the bidding war doesn't happen.  Most people are there for games and, except for the people who live local, most don't want to haul one or more collectible comics around in their luggage.  If your comics are valuable, set a reserve price and don't count on a sale to pay for your ride home.

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Is Frank Mentzer still attending and auctioneering?

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dgwagster wrote:
Is Frank Mentzer still attending and auctioneering?

He retired at Gen Con 50.

Posted by rahlan

When can you start dropping off items at the consignment store? Can you drop them off on Wednesday?

For used board games, should the shoppers be able to open the game? I was thinking about using ribbon to affix the label to the game, which would prevent people from opening the box.

Posted by jerrytel

Noon to 6pm on Wednesday for item check in.

If you wrap the game up with a rubber band, the general store rules are to ask an auction volunteer to open it. I would recommend a note describing the contents (complete, missing this or that) and their conditions (cards are used but look good/cards are worn/well used) and that should alleviate most people digging past any barriers added.

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I use quick release painter's tape to secure my games and attach the print out. And remember, you have to register them online by this Sunday. 

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