Tips for a Oversea newbie
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danielscooby wrote:
Hi all guys.
I looking for tips for this travel.
It is my first time at Gen Con,
so basic i want all tips folks can share with me.
I would like the basic ones (like 4-2-1 rules) and the advanced ones.
I having read a lot of tips, but i would seek always for new ones.
Tks in advance.
Cya all there

Climate-wise, what are you used to? Indianapolis at the end of July/start of August tends to be hot and humid. Google reports the temperatures tend to be between 83°F (29°C) and 63°F (17°C), and I'd say that is pretty accurate. It can get beyond 90°F/32°+C, but that's not common. Neither are daytime temps below 70° (21°). If you'll be outside a lot, you'll want to dress for that, but the flipside is that there will be places in the convention center and the hotels that will feel cold because the air conditioning is running strong. That just happens. It sometimes leads a person to dress in shorts and light shirts for outside, but carry something to add when indoors. And you'll likely want a few more changes of clothes too, given that it's easy to get sweat-covered.There will be chances for rain, too. So an umbrella may be warranted. It depends. 

PRtty good

TKs a lot, that help to aim for cloths

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You should at least have some cash, since there may be a place that doesn't take CCs.  Also, sometimes the CC machine is not working.  Almost every vendor in the hall takes CCs (at least the big ones, Visa & Mastercard; some might not take Amex), and I think all of the food trucks and concession stands do as well.  So, with that in mind, maybe just have $50-100 in cash, as a fallback.

Just to highlight this as a fellow international traveller....Americans are _nuts_ for their credit cards.   I mean, absolutely bonkers.   Buying a single tiny bottle of water at the convenience store?   Use your CC!   Just be aware, they're luddites when it comes to security measures on your card.   I mean, even just last year I was still *signing receipts* when I purchased something.   Some decade they'll join chip & pin, I hope.  

Anyway, enough ribbing our American friends.   :D

tl;dr - Credit cards can be used virtually everywhere for any size purchase, so if you're okay with the spot rate, use it.

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kiyote wrote:Some decade they'll join chip & pin, I hope.

Yeah...we hope that will happen too....we'll get right on that...maybe it won't take as long as it took us to get on the frackin' metric system...

Oh. Wait.  Nevermind.


(joking aside: its coming - more places are getting there - the rollout is just taking a lot longer than it should.  Consumer Protections IMO - especially around ID Theft - are abysmal here)

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" Consumer Protections IMO - especially around ID Theft - are abysmal here)"

Thut's 'cuz we'uns iz much more trustworthy than them-thar furriners.  :-)

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bugwar wrote:
" Consumer Protections IMO - especially around ID Theft - are abysmal here)"
Thut's 'cuz we'uns iz much more trustworthy than them-thar furriners.  :-)

True dat. :)

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