Event newb question.
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This is my first time attending GenCon.  Being a newb I didn't realize I should have bought tickets to some of the events I wanted to attend.  My question is I want to watch most of the games I am interested in to see if they're worth purchasing.  No biggie if I don't get to play.  Since I can no longer purchase tickets to the event I know I may be able to get in with generic tickets at the time of the event if there is room.  If I just want to watch the games do I still pay the generic ticket cost to get in.  As I said if I play great, if not no biggie.  Mostly just want to see the mechanics of the game etc.  Thanks for your input.

Posted by blackfox42

I believe it depends on the GM/Person running the game and also space limitations.

Your best bet is to show up with Generics. Then, if they can't fit you in to play, ask if you can stand/sit and watch so you can see if you think you'd like the game. Then, assuming they say yes, do just that: Sit and watch, and try not to interrupt.

Generally speaking, i've never had anyone turn me away from spectating, but best to ask and be polite about it rather than assume.

Posted by kwijybo2000

Depends on what games you're interested in. If there is a booth selling the game in the exhibit hall I bet there will also be a demo in there for you to try for free.

Posted by buffythecatslayer

Events will open up starting on Wednesday as people return tickets, so keep checking the events you're interested in to see if seats are available.  Note that you don't have to buy on-line & go to will-call; buy your tickets at Event Registration, the lines are much shorter than WC.

Don't overload on generics before you know if you're going to need them.  You can buy them at multiple locations (Event Registration, Event HQs), so just have $4-$8 in hand, which will cover most events, and then get more if you use those up.  If you have leftover generics, you'll have to stand in the Customer Service line to return them, or eat the cost & use them as bookmarks.

Posted by geekydweeb29

If I get tickets to the event does that guarantee I play or is it still possible to I would be still just watching?

Posted by buffythecatslayer

A ticket guarantees you a seat.  If they take your generic, then you also get to play.  Watching the game doesn’t cost anything, it’s just if the group allows it and there is a place for you to sit & observe.

Posted by maijstral2

Also on the second floor across from the Vendor Hall are the Company rooms, they have free demo's of their games all convention long. Its usually not the newest releases but whatever they have in their stable but you can still play an hour or two and see if you like that game or not before you buy it.

Posted by buffythecatslayer

A ton of free demos are also running at the company HQs in Halls A-E, and at Lucas Oil Stadium.  Most of these are “show up and play” events, and they don’t require tickets at all.

As kwijybo2000 pointed out, most vendors have demos of their games running at their booths.  Target the vendors with the games you’re interested in, then get to their booths early since some of them have sign-ups for the demos.

Between all the company-run demos, and people running events, you should be able to at least see, and hopefully play, many of the games you might want to buy.

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