2021 Downtown Room for $162/night
Posted by knuteski

Confirmed it's dead.  DEAL CLOSED!

Posted by squirecam dotificus

dotificus wrote:
knuteski wrote:
OK, now I'm a little nervous for the future of our convention.  There was a time (ie every year) that if there was a low priced walkable hotel room available outside of the block, it would be snatched up within minutes/hours yet this deal is still available.
This is a downtown room (yes, it's a slight longer walk but you can be inside within minutes by taking the stadium route), $40/night cheaper than in-block rooms, does not require payment before arrival (I never was charged), can be cancelled up to August, and is directly from Hilton.
What's not to like?  What am I missing?

On my Hilton Honors account, it says I will be immediately charged the full amount, so I think people are hesitating on this one for that reason. As for people hesitating about Gen Con, I think there is HUGE pent-up demand. Almost ALL the Hilton properties are already booked for Gen Con weekend. Which is way earlier than usual. Normally, you could still book the Airport Hampton Inn in September. Even some of the far away ones are full. I'm nervous about not being able to get our badges this year, actually. I've been checking compulsively to see if they've gone on sale ever since Mike said don't hesitate to buy yours this year. 
I find that hilton rooms open up after the first of the year, even though some of them are points only.


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