Weekend only passes?
Posted by turbostar


Our group is probably only going to be able to swing Saturday and Sunday for this year.

I thought I remembered seeing people with Weekend passes or Saturday & Sunday badges in prior GENCON shows.  Is this still available?

In looking at the registration page I see Saturday passes and Sunday passes both listed separately.

It would be a better deal just to preorder the 4 day pass if that is the case.

Posted by marimaccadmin

We have individual day badge, and a Sunday Family Fun pass, but no, we don't have a pass that combined Saturday and Sunday; you'd probably be best off to just buy full badges.

Marian McBrine
Gen Con LLC
Event Coordinator

Posted by bones311

And no wonder 4 day badges were sold out. People buying them for 2 days because individual day passes are so expensive

Posted by alans

Pretty much like every other gaming Con that I've attended. 

Posted by squirecam

So we necro this thread...because.... the plenty of others were not enough?

Posted by starlin

Glad to Necro a thread to point out that All badge sales are limited this year and will not sell badges at the door.  GenCon has never limited single day badges before.

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