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Posted by cmegus

Just left the Con (it’s now about 7:15pm on Sunday night) and I just realized I still have some generic tickets left over.

I understand getting system credit on site is closed already, but can I still email or mail these tickets back for a refund on system credit?


Posted by austicke

Nope. They're now souvenirs.

Posted by cmegus



Posted by aldctjoc

My sympathies. Not being sarcastic at all. I did that before, and ended up swallowing $40 worth of generics one year. 

Didn't even realize it until I got home and pulled the tickets out. 

And I nearly did the same this year. Had to 1. Beg the hotel to let my car stay right out in front (they were totally cool about that) and 2. Run to customer service. Got there in plenty of time, but I ran because I was worried about a huge line and running out of time, so it worked out.

Yes, it's painful wallet-wise. There's just no way around it. That's why I wish generics could go electronic tickets too: Something could be programmed in to have those just refund automatically if it's after a certain time. 

Posted by angel17

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