What's the music / noise level at Gen Con?
Posted by videogamerdad

What’s the music / noise level like? Are some locations quieter than others?
I have ear problems (ringing in my ears) and music and loud noises can make it worse. I’m hoping I can find some game locations that are quieter than others.
Is the convention center perhaps quieter than Lucas Oil Stadium? Not sure if there’s bands or other music going on at different locations.
I hear some GMs use bullhorns too I guess if it’s a large group of gamers. Is there a list of games likes this? Any games / locations that are very loud you’d recommend I shy away from?

Thanks, Tim

Posted by jeff321

The main halls at the ICC: A through J (which includes the dealer hall), will be the loudest.  It is mostly just crowd noise though.  In my experience video game conventions are much louder than GC.  At GC the video games & concerts are usually isolated to their own separate rooms.  Occasionally there are music performers in the hallways but I've never found them to be too loud.  Another thing to possibly avoid is the food truck area.  All the trucks running & traffic can be noisy.

The best place for tabletop gaming events would be in separate rooms at ICC (the numerical room numbers), or hotels.  Many RPGs are at the surrounding hotels and usually those areas are more isolated & quiet as well.

I don't know about Lucas Oil field events because that will be new this year.

Hope this helps!  Might be wise to carry ear plugs in case you need them.

Posted by videogamerdad

Thanks Jeff!

Posted by e_sandrs

My $0.02 - even most of the "quiet" separate rooms in the hotels and such can be a bit noisy. For example, the RPG events I did last year were in rooms with 3-4 tables per room, so even if your group is fairly sedate, your neighbors may not be.

Not much to be done about it, sadly. I would agree that GC is generally less loud than some other convention types, but there can be quite a bit of ambient noise.

Hope it works out great for you!

Posted by microwench

There is a designated "quiet room" in the ICC. Last year it was room 210, not sure if it will be the same this year or not, but I do know the room will be a thing again this year.

I never actually went into the room last year, as the area outside was also a 'quiet area', and it worked nicely.  I too have some tinnitus as well as some chronic pain and migraine issues, so it was nice to take a break there and rest in quiet, away from the hustle and bustle.

Posted by dreamitdoit

I didn't find last year's quiet area to be all that quiet, but I suppose relatively speaking, it was better than other places (though no better than many little corners around).

The quiet room, however, was very quiet, closed off with an actual door, and with dimmed lights. Great offering, though I never personally used it other than just making sure it was there in case I needed it.

This year, the Quiet Room is in room 211. Thursday-Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 10-3.

Posted by austicke

Quiet Room

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