Need roomies for con- 3 empty slots
Posted by beammeupscott

This housing post has been fulfilled- happy gaming y’all!

Posted by beammeupscott

One slot just got filled!

Posted by surprisinglyfungames

I assume the other slots are filled up... but I figured I'd try.
...and I just figured out to message someone, lol... 

Posted by mattthetechnician

Interested in sharing. Live in Northern VA if anyone lives in that area and wants to share the road as well. will also share parking costs downtown. Fully vaccinated. Also have a large van with plenty of room for four plus game storage. That storage space and the ability to access it during the day really offsets not having a downtown room across the sky bridge. 

I’ll most likely be wandering from event to event, but my passion is Kingdom Death Monster. Since there won’t be a KDM booth or 48 hour campaign like in 19’ I will likely use the message boards to announce a multi-day campaign that I moderate and teach others.

Let me know the details.

Posted by beammeupscott

Hello! Thanks for the interest but the rooms have been filled this morning! Good luck everyone but I bet you will find a closer better location than mine!

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