Just in case anyone was expecting GM badges or housing to be dealt with before general registration opens up:

Attendee Badge & Housing Open Next Week
Just a quick reminder that attendee registration opens on next week: badges go on sale on Friday, January 22 and hotel registration opens two days later at noon on Sunday, January 24.

GM badges are not processed until after events are Active, so that won't be until April or May. Requests for rooms in the GM block aren't processed until June, and priority is given to complimentary rooms, so it may be a good back-up plan, but it cannot be the primary option for most GMs.

That means most GMs who want to book rooms will want to buy a badge when registration opens and attempt to secure a room. Make sure you have purchased your badge before housing opens - don't keep it in your cart and check out at the last minute.

Once you have received your GM badge, you can request a refund of your attendee badge, as necessary.

If you have general questions about the registration process, you can contact [email protected] or visit the forums. If you have any questions about how this related to GMs or events, you can ask [email protected] directly or post in the GM forum.

Attendee Badge Registration Opens Noon, January 22
Again, if you need a badge for any reason before you receive your GM badge, simply buy an attendee badge. You can request reimbursement once your GM badge has been assigned to you.
More information on attendee badges can be found here.
 Attendee Hotel Registration Opens Noon, January 24
Attendee housing opens two days after badge registration. If you want to book a room, make sure to get your badge squared away well ahead of time.

More details on booking a room in the Gen Con housing block can be found here.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC