Dropping your hotel reservation? POST IT HERE! <3
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Posted by vexedwaffle

Hey drumline, I am interested in the room. Could you fire me off the details in pm or via my email address at mathewmacmillan @ gmail.com

Posted by jwinsome

I have a double room available at the JW Marriott, across the street from the convention center.  Weds - Sunday.  $266/night.

[email protected]

Posted by vexedwaffle

Heya gamewright. That's before tax for the room night I imagine. Right?

Posted by hendelbolaf kyleecat

kyleecat wrote:
hendelbolaf wrote:
I wanted to let everyone know that I will be canceling a reservation made outside of the Gen Con housing portal for the Courtyard Indianapolis Downtown. The reservation is from Wednesday July 31st to Sunday August 4th and it is for a 2 queen and sofa bed room. So it can easily sleep five or so people.
The total cost for he room is $2,253.42 and it is currently being held under my name. I have until July 29th to cancel, but I will be cancelling it by this Friday the 26th of July. When I cancel it, I assume it will go into their inventory of rooms.
As it is NOT reserved through the Gen Con housing portal, I could see about transferring it over to someone if they are interested. That may or may not work. If that will not work, I will have to cancel it and let everyone know and it will be happy hunting at that point.
Please let me know if you are interested in the room.
I might be interested 
The Courtyard Indianapolis is an attached hotel and it is right next to the JW Marriott and the Fairfield Inn on the west side of the convention center.

Please let me know if you are interested as I will be letting it go today...

Posted by zartust

I have two 2 up that we just had to unfortunately drop.

1 at the embassy suites

another at the sleep in

Let me know if anyone is interested

Posted by findle

Hi zatust I’m definitely interested in either pls email at [email protected] as soon as you can

Posted by jvhenson

Potentially dropping my Thur - Sun, downtown reservation at Hyatt Place. Any one interested?

Posted by wallrike jvhenson

jvhenson wrote:
Potentially dropping my Thur - Sun, downtown reservation at Hyatt Place. Any one interested?
Hey, JV. What kind of room is it? I've got a room in the Eastside block with my buddy but it might be worth eating the cancellation fee to avoid four days of Ubers.

Posted by jvhenson

One king bed with a pullout couch. Have two others confirmed to share it with me currently, but i am open to letting the whole reservation go if you and your buddy want to share it with two others. $825 total after tax, Thur-Sun. Email me at [email protected] if interested.

Posted by wallrike

Got it. Thanks. Not going to be a fit for us but I appreciate the response. 

Posted by jvhenson

Wallrike, looks like no one is planning on sharing the room after all, still looking for one?

Posted by jvhenson

Dropping my reservation at the Hyatt Place downtown (10 min walk to ICC). Has a king bed and a pull out sofa.  Thursday to Sunday, $825 after tax.

Posted by tameszu

Hi James —

I just sent you an email regarding your room.



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