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Posted by pinheadjo

And now..the NHL has suspended the remainder of the season...until it is feasible to resume safely. 
This is the strangest "not-serious" disease I have witnessed in my 63 years. 
Hope it burns itself out before summer due to the stringent actions being taken.


Posted by buffythecatslayer

I do not expect to get 100% refunded and I don't think that will happen.

Nowhere in my message did I say I'd expect a full refund; they would be reasonable in keeping 10-20% to cover costs.
Alternatively, you can get an attorney in Indiana to file suit for you, but I am betting there is also a mandatory arbitration clause in there somewhere as well.

Before presenting yourself as some sort of litigation expert, you really should read the TOS.  There is no arbitration clause in it.  Also, they clearly state that the agreement is covered by the laws of the state of Washington, so any court actions would start there, not in Indiana.

Posted by kellishaver mikeboozer

mikeboozer wrote:
This discussion needs to remain civil. It has not. I have removed the recent offensive post and all comments on that post.
We will lock this if it continues.
Mike Boozer
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Sorry about that, Mike. You're absolutely right. That one just struck a nerve. 

Posted by kd8esu

Going back to those worried about not getting a refund if Gen Con gets cancelled after the middle-of-June refund date:  Just because the letter says no refunds doesn't mean they won't refund you.  After all, they are still a business, and for them to say "you paid for something that we cancelled so you're S.O.L." is a TERRIBLE business move.
What would be the most likely situation (assuming it gets cancelled and we're still months out) is that you would get it back in system credit at 100% rate you paid with an option to get money back.

At this time, Origins is still on; I'd take that as the most likely barometer to Gen Con being cancelled as it happens 6 weeks before and it also happens in a Mid-West state and is similar both socially and geography.
Even if you're not going to the June shenanigans in Columbus, keep an eye on that.  If GAMA cancels Origins, that would put Gen Con in serious trouble; until then, stay at yellow alert for Indianapolis' normal chaos, cancel if you feel you're at high risk of issues, but keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Posted by matthias9 rayken

rayken wrote:
NBA Canceled. 
GenCon's statement is needed. Again, for my money, there's no way they can put on an event with 100,000 people in close proximity for 4 days.
Almost 1,000 dead in Italy...

The NFL isn't canceled.  The Olympics aren't canceled.  I could go on.

I gather you have canceled your badge and hotel for Gen Con?

As far as Gen Con making a statement, read back.  It was posted.  It was reposted.  You might not think it is the right decision, but here it is:  "At this time we are not planning any changes regarding Gen Con 2020."

Today is March 12.  That is the answer.  It is possible the answer will be different at some point in the future.  But, that is the answer right now.  It is a dynamic world out there.

Posted by matthias9

Frankly, I do not understand the concern over a $100 badge.  If we end up having to close down the whole world -- schools, sporting events, cultural events, worksites  etc, etc. for 6+ months or more, then that $100 probably won't be your biggest problem at that point.

Posted by mikeboozer

I'm locking this thread. This is in no way a reflection of what has been posted after my last warning. You have conducted yourselves appropriately since.

As we at Gen Con are aware that it is an important subject I have started a new thread for this topic.

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