Let's assume Gen Con happens...
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Posted by thesuperskrull garhkal

garhkal wrote:
thesuperskrull wrote:
I'm hoping to get in some rounds through True Dungeon and buy some Battletech mechs and vehicles from Iron Wind Metals (in person to avoid shipping). I'm hoping Catalyst has something new for Battletech (and that they make it to the show, obviously). 
IF catalyst does show, i wonder, will they still do the grinder this year??

I've never actually been able to play in the Grinder. With possibly having to miss Thursday and part of Friday*, I don't know if I will be able to this year either. But, for those that can, I hope they are able to run it. 

*Good timing on my part. Decide to go back to school a few months before a pandemic forces all classes online, which I absolutely hate. Then we are apparently going to be back in person in the fall, just in time for me to try to decide if I can miss a day or two to go GenCon since it got moved to September. 

Posted by sovietprince

I will try out the new my hero card game as well as the digimon tcg

Posted by jhs

I will see some old friends.

Posted by davidschneider

Well, I kind of like running around collecting the buttons handed out by various companies, etc.  I get a kick out of it.... 


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I’m going to mainly play Starfinder (I hope they run last year’s special on Thursday night this year) and Pathfinder but am interested in playing Modiphius’s new Fallout RPG if it’s offered. Of course, my main interest is the vendor hall to check out all the neat new stuff, as well as the vendor that sells the out of print RPG games (sorry can’t remember the name).

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