Covid Question
Posted by geezer

I am wondering if any attendees got Covid within 2 weeks of Gen Con.  I would love it if no one responds to this, but I am curious.  For the 1st time in 7 years I was unable to come to Gen Con because of a sinus infection (tested negative twice), but did not feel up to it.  If no one responds then maybe we could go back to a full up Gen Con next August. 

Posted by notavailableeither

I was fine.  Before the con I scheduled 2 tests for when I returned - one the day after returning (7 days after getting on the outbound plane) and one 7 days after returning (last possible exposure on the return flight) and both were negative.

The main thing was everyone acted responsibly - I never saw masks off outside of designated eating areas.  I also brought latex gloves since game pieces get touched by lots of strangers.

I too am hoping for a full GenCon next year - already have the days off approved at work.  I wouldn’t mind one of the changes sticking around - more space between tables in halls A-E.  I know they can’t be as far apart, but in the past they’ve been so crammed in it was hard for people to sit back to back.


Posted by helenbb

We have not heard of anyone who got sick at the con. We brought Binax Now home tests and tested ourselves at the end of the show (and also a couple of days later, after we returned home) and it was all negative.

Posted by father bloodlust

Negative at-home test here too, and after Origins for that matter.

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