knuteski wrote:
The booster requirement will never be blanket requirement...not even 1 booster.  They may require someone to be fully vaccinated and have at least 1 shot within the past 6ish months but it wouldn't have to be the booster.  Otherwise, those that became fully vaccinated within 6 months of the convention wouldn't be able to attend. 
In my case for instance, I got my second shot in mid-April so I'm fully vaxxed.  I haven't gotten boostered yet because (of course) almost 6 months to the day I got Covid.  Everything I've heard(by left leaning doctors) points to me  actually having better immunities than if I got the least for a few more months.  So, I'm waiting as long as possible to get the booster to give them a chance to tweak the formula again.
It is already a requirement for students at SUNY and CUNY and for healthcare workers in Boston.  It's only a matter of time before that moves out into the world at large just like with vaccinations themselves.