Online Race for the Galaxy Tournament
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I am considering to run a 16-player Race for the Galaxy Tournament via Tabletop Simulator.  Does anyone know if anything of this kind is currently in the works?  Also, anyone interested in helping out?

Considering 3 rounds of 4-player games...  16 players, then 8, then final 4.  I think we can fit it all into a 2-hour timeslot.  Last year I had good success getting everyone to meet up in discord, and I'll be doing that again this year, so organization and kicking things off will likely start there, but then I'll be relying on some of the participants to be able to load and host TTS.

I did reach out to Rio Grande to see if they wanted to contributed promos or prizes, but not expecting a reply.

If you are interested in helping, let me know and I'll save a seat.

Posted by blareblare2

Hey, may I know the exact date of this tournament you're planning to run?

Posted by traveller

Based on the date of the post, i'd say September 2021.

Posted by [email protected]

Correct.  That was for GENCON Online 2021.  I'm going to be a little more pro-active in setting it up earlier next year.

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Scranton Deck and Fence

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