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Posted by cfaman

I've attended GenCon for several years, and after running a few games in the Open Game area last year, I'm going to try submitting a few official events. I'm not part of a gaming group (but could be?), just an independent. Can independent hosts "earn" a GM badge by running X number of events/player hours? If not, how does one join a gaming group?

Posted by noone

I’m part of a gaming group of just me.  I’ve been reimbursed running games under me or under my “group”.  You can get badge reimbursement without being part of a group.  See pages 23-26 of the host policy .  And as for joining a group reach out to the groups.  Groups post here and the Facebook fans of GenCon group for gms

Posted by cfaman

Is there anything official I need to do to create my own group, or can I just put whatever in the event submission?

Posted by noone

I only have my group because 2 or 3 years ago under group I added one playing around with event submission.  You create a group by putting a group name in the gameing group/company name space.  You can be a different group every year.  However keep in mind GenCon keeps track of groups that have high attendance of players ( ie your events have 20 playlet slots and you have 19 show up 95% attendance) to give priority of placement of events.  As a single gm/group and around 1/2 of my events are VIG lounge events it doesn’t help me one way or the other.

Posted by derekguder

Event submission is open to everyone in 2022, and all GMs can earn badges and/or hotel rooms, regardless of whether they're part of a group or a company.

You'll want to make sure you read the Host page and the Event Host Policy in particular. That goes into detail about how independent GMs can request badge and hotel reimbursement after the convention. You may also want to check out the Tips for New Event Organizers and GMs, as that should orient you on a lot of basics to consider if you're new to running games at the convention, even if you're experienced elsewhere.

In short, though, independent GMs need to buy a badge and hotel as normal, then submit for reimbursement after the convention. If you want to get a badge or hotel arranged before the convention, you need to submit events as part of a group, but you can absolutely be a group of a single person. There is no formal registration process, just submit your events with a group name and then submit a badge request under that same group name. If we have any questions or issues, we'll reach out to clear them up.

If you have any other questions, just drop a note to [email protected]

Derek Guder
Director of Events
Gen Con LLC

Posted by conspiracyofgamers

We are a group of independent GM's that came together last year to do just what you're describing.  Last year we ran over a hundred different events over the course of the con.  We'd be happy to have you be part of our group, if you're still interested in running events.


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