What do YOU want to play at GC 2016
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Posted by bluemax

As always, the Fight in the Skies Society will be running a pull program of gaming and is always looking for what people want to play, so we can try and offer it

FITS Society Events Coordinator

Posted by krazed

It's hard to say with so much time before the next convention, but I will probably be on the lookout for any Kingdom Death games people try to put together during the convention.  I have and play the game with my friends, but it's such a different experience in terms of a board game that it's really interesting to play with people you don't know very well.

Posted by rhone1

I'd love to see more 5e D&D games not run by a gaming group.

Posted by dukejohn

We'd love some Star Wars: Edge of the Empire or Age of Rebellion. 

Posted by lore seeker

I'd love to see some games that I'm interested in but which don't get much representation. Right now my list consists of:

-Unhallowed Metropolis
-The Esoterrorists

Posted by mvotruba

While I've started off with RPG's, recently I've started branching out into board games.  This year, I hope to do an event or two of each.  One person in my group is into Shadowrun and I'm really hoping to get to play that with her.  Besides that, I'm not sure what board game events there will be...we'll see as Gen Con 2016 draws closer.

Posted by lore seeker

I can safely predict that there will be quite a few Shadowrun events, if only because of the Missions games being run.

Posted by azure3456

I would honestly like to see Star Trek Attack Wing. mostly because I just got into it, and I have a decent armada built up for play with some of my friends.

Posted by remnant

As mentioned EotE or AoR from Fantasy Flight Games or FaD which is the newest to the Settings. Legend of the Five Rings which usually has scheduled games (just couldn't get the time slots needed).  Mouseguard, Hismati Invisible Wars if it's back this year, Possibly a game setting from the WH40K Universe and a game using the Cipher system maybe.  Need to get in some board games, card games, and events this year besides mostly just rolling dice.

Posted by jedikitty

I hope Giant Carcassonne returns ! I played in 2014 and was sad to see it didn't come back in 2015. :( It's one of those things I could only ever do at Gen Con, haha. ;)

Posted by vickers1

I have been enjoying the larp events especially those run by MUSkulls.  Can anyone say Sigmund Freud?

Posted by lore seeker

If we're talking about events we miss and wish would come back:

Does anybody remember an event from 2013 that took place in one of the video game rooms? Some guy had Rock Band hooked up to a projection screen, had a binder with the available songs and kept a queue on his laptop so people could queue up to sing a certain song, play guitar on a song or whatever. It was a really cool setup. I wish I could remember the guy's name, but he hasn't been back for GenCon 2014 or 2015 that I saw.

Posted by oldman

Usually we start picking games to play based on the expected summer releases. Right now - perhaps Orleans, Runebound 3rd Ed and Viceroys.

Old Man

Posted by lilyjade

Much more gaming! Especially RPGs like White Wolf and maybe even trying some Pathfinder!

Posted by god1801

HeroQuest.  It's an oldie but I really want to play it this year.

Posted by jobeth66

Maybe some non-tournament Star Wars games.  Hubby would like to play, but he's not interested in tournements. 

Posted by rutherfordr

The War of the Ring boardgame (2nd ed, Ares Games) -- it's a long game, and I can never find people who want to play during a regular game session.

Posted by brewski

Hopefully FFG doesnt have Xwing early on Thursday again. Later in the day would be sooooo much beter.

Posted by steffles

My husband wants to play Gloom Haven (kickstarted funded) which should be out hopefully by Gencon.  He and our son want to play more Games on Demand - they had amazing experiences with that.  I want to play Train games, Werewolf, and try some new board games.  My daughter and I may try the puzzle escape room thing...I need to look into that a bit more.

Oh and I forgot, we all want to play Shadows of Brimstone.  

Posted by weidster

I always try to run at least one Marvel Super Heroes game and a few DC Heroes games every year and I love it when I get a chance to play either game at Gen Con! 

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