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Roommates and Housing trades/giveaways/needed
For those seeking roommates, rooms, or dropping rooms
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AerodromeAce looking for room/rooms Downtown.
Started by otthawk1
Last post by otthawk1 1
Where do I find out where I am on the waiting list to get hotel?
Started by gator flash
Last post by holien 9
Country Inns & Suites By Carlson, Indianapolis Airport South - Carpooling
Started by shadowhunter1219
Last post by shadowhunter1219 1
Increase use of suburban hotels by having reliable transportation
Started by jhydrick
Last post by nialith 19
Hotel Strategies?
Started by ayoung98683
Last post by ayoung98683 38
Best Non-Airport Hotels
Started by dreamchipper
Last post by jchamlin 5
Well no room for me
Started by cass.christopher
Last post by chemrebel 31
Room near ground floor for disability?
Started by linkn
Last post by hexis 8
Kilroy's Bar In The News; Customer Complaint
Started by gib_rebeg
Last post by gib_rebeg 7
Motorcycle Parking?
Started by feyd
Last post by feyd 1
How long to get access time?
Started by wonderandawe
Last post by truelink 6
Hotel Cost Comparison
Started by mrshiny
Last post by armadilloal 4
VRBO - What sections of Indy to consider staying at
Started by enelsonmo
Last post by enelsonmo 1
Looking for a Double/Double at the Embassy!!!
Started by fizler
Last post by jobeth66 2
Fairfield Inn Suites?
Started by ginamarie72
Last post by ematuskey 2
Booking s Suite
Started by kc9thf
Last post by marimaccadmin 2
Downtown Indy update
Started by nscott
Last post by jobeth66 4
The Safe House: Perhaps Coming to Indy?
Started by jmsetzer
Last post by gib_rebeg 10
2016 Hotel Information is up!
Started by mikeboozer
Last post by mikeboozer 4
Gencon process 2016
Started by valkyre
Last post by njseahawksfan 55
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