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For Event Organizers and GMs to discuss hosting events at Gen Con
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Magpie Games Looking for GMs
Started by kate bullock
Last post by kate bullock 4
1st time EO/GM question
Started by shadow5606
Last post by chickpea 7
Event Submission Timeline
Started by handandy79
Last post by catlin 7
Event Rejected for Game System Field
Started by randrac
Last post by randrac 2
My solo gaming group was removed from my events
Started by sysop073
Last post by marimaccadmin 4
Free Sunday event creation?
Started by spacemonkeymafia
Last post by marimaccadmin 2
Im new to all things Gencon
Started by thorvan
Last post by armadilloal 9
Lucas Oil Attendance help
Started by nascragman
Last post by andrewj.rager 16
Sunday Player Attendance?
Started by mu skulls frank
Last post by mu skulls frank 12
Open Event Spaces
Started by shinteetah
Last post by nascragman 8
Export link on dashboard...
Started by triad1
Last post by triad1 3
Events "Active" for GM badges?
Started by danniereeley
Last post by handandy79 5
Publisher/Designer affiliation required?
Started by garion72
Last post by derekguder 3
Group Management Link?
Started by armandopenblade
Last post by armandopenblade 2
Requesting to host Panels?
Started by deadaussiegamer
Last post by marimaccadmin 2
Unused e-Tickets as Generics
Started by dballing
Last post by dballing 3
EO/GM email: Event Host Policy Updated for 2019 - Event Submission Opens January 6
Started by marimaccadmin
Last post by marimaccadmin 3
2019 Event Planning
Started by nscott
Last post by nscott 4
Event policy for 2019
Started by noone
Last post by marimaccadmin 3
2019 Event Registration
Started by marv
Last post by pkanouse 5
Multiple Events
Started by olleygirl10
Last post by nscott 5
Camelot World Championship Tournament
Started by sir wilfred of ivanhoe
Last post by marimaccadmin 3
Reimbursement for GM badges
Started by danniereeley
Last post by roderick 12
What to do with a disruptive player
Started by kidlidar
Last post by derekguder 16
Event Tickets & Reimbursement Due Monday, August 20
Started by derekguder
Last post by derekguder 18
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